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At LoriE Designs, our Belief is that great design evokes a mood. The experience within your space should begin outside and transform you as you move about your space. If your day begins in a suit and tie, finish it by kicking off your shoes and socks and sinking into the comforts of casual in your beautifully appointed sanctuary, professionally designed by the team at LoriE.

Lori Edwards is the owner of LoriE Designs. Her passion was sparked at an early age when her mother owned her own interior design firm in the suburbs of Houston. Where her mother created spaces of formal magnitude, Lori wanted to create more of a casual living where homes could be lived in, kids could be kids and pillows were made to be tossed. "Cultivating a rewarding relationship with my clients through attention to detail, a commitment to integrity all the while delivering an outstanding final product...," Lori's design philosophy.

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